Audio recording bug

approximately every fifth time or so I push record the audio event that is created will be ahead of the cursor. So I’ll have to stop and push record again and then everything’s back to normal, it never does it two times in a row. If I just continue to record when this thing happens the timing will be completely off once I hit stop.

It is an incredibly annoying problem. Can anyone here relate to what I’m talking about, and is there a solution to it, or do I have a unique bug of my own?

Aloha M,
You might.

How about listing your hardware gear so we can take a look.

I have a Babyface and an M audio oxygen keyboard, but it’s ok, I’m upgrading to 7 pretty soon anyway I think

Hey everyone
I have a question for you.
I’m running cubase 5 with an imac on windows 7 with a profire 2626 maudio interface.
The problem is when playing along to the click the audio comes out early.
I’ve tried recording midi and audio together and MIDI comes out behind the audio and Yes I have switched quantization off. Buffer is set at 256
Do you have any idea about this.
I’m tearing my hair out.
Well what’s left anyway