Audio recording Crackling when playing (after Windows 10 update) SOLVED!

Recently I have got this problem, when I record Audio and play the part, it gives a crackling sound.
There are many topics and video to be found for this issue, however non of them seem to have a clear explenation nor solution.

I have already changed the parameters; project buffer size etc… without any results.
Neither is the rootcause “bad cable”, because without external cable or external mic, when I use the internal laptop mic it shows the same problem.

Mostlikely the rootcause is this month new Windows 10 update, but unfortunately I can not set it back to formal update. (since I have no recover point)
So does any one have a suggestion or solution?
Kind regards A-gusto

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SOLVED!: I have downloaded “ASIO4ALL Driver” in Cubase choose this driver… Solved no more crackling…
So it is really depending om which update you will have…
Suggestion: before updating make a back-up point first…