Audio recording issue

Hello! I use cubase for quite long time but still didn’t figure out one important moment about guitar recording. When I recorded any sample in my project it automatically goes to project folder and keeps after deleting in project. So my question is: can I delet recorded sample in my cubase project and instantly clear my pool?

I’m sure for “safety” reasons (meaning, to prevent users from mistakenly deleting an audio clip) you can not “instantly” do it.
The way I do it, which gives me a bit of time to ensure I “really want” to delete an audio file is… open the pool (ctrl/p), right click the audio folder, choose “Remove Unused Media”, then right click on the trash folder and choose “Empty Trash”. Once you empty the trash folder it does not go to the computer “recycle bin”. It is gone.

I’m pretty sure you can create a macro function to do all these steps.

Regards :sunglasses:

I like the Idea with macros. Thank you!