audio recording out of sync

Help, please go slow, I am very new to this.

I have a SE3 on XP.

I have created four midi tracks, solo, accom, bass and drum using SB Audigy’s internal synth map. I then added four audio tracks, using a Pavey USB 6-channel mixer

I intend to record four audio tracks (one at a time) by listening to the midi playback (non monitor mode). I will always use the mid as a reference so I get the same latency on each audio recording. I intend to delete the mid tracks afterwards.

But it did not work out in practise, each audio track was slightly out of sync, nearly by as much as “1/2” of a beat. (@120 beats per minute).


  1. What have I done wrong?
  2. Can I shift the individual audio track by a small amount? if yes, how do I do it.


Managed to worked out how to shift each track individually. So far so good.