Audio recording problem, can you explain what is going on?

Helloes :slight_smile:

Im prolly messed something up, but I dont know what, when I record audio, it do tail before first locator and move audio to wrong position. No matter what recording option I use it, punch in/out or normally from first locator bar…

I made a unlisted video to youtube how it behaves… English is not my native language so… it may be more clear this way, but it seems I cant put the links on the post… Im sorry if this been on somewhere, I tried to search but couldnt find the solution.

any advices to fix this is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you extend the Audio Event after the recording?

By default, Cubase records 1 second of signal ahead. Then it makes the Snap point node, which is placed at the position, where did you start recording. So you recording is in sync, but you get 1 second of signal ahead.

If you import this Audio file to other project, you can get confused by this 1 second.

You can change the Pre-Record in the Preferences.

Is this what you are talking about?

Thank you for replying, yes I think you are right. Ill check out the pre recording preferences. Okay, its good to know that cubase record 1 second signal ahead, it clears abit things for me. I not fully understand how the snap point nodes work, but I think that is the problem it behaves like it do.

I tried creating default template, saved that and when I tried again, the problem seemed better or gone. I dont know, are there some global settings that moves to next projects from earlier if you create empty song template.

The problem was that even Im not Satriani :slight_smile: I didnt miss notes so much to beat, it seemed that it moved the whole recording to that (1 second signal point?) too early, when I moved it manually starting at first locator, it sounded like I was supposely played it.