Audio recording problem

I seem to be a bit blind in where my audio is being stored. Ive just recorded some vocals on a project which is been ongoing for a year and the audio has ended up on another hard drive. I can not find how to set up the audio so it records to the correct hard drive and correct folder. I have even started to lose audio which has disappeared from the pool?

Many thanks,


Your recorded audio is stored in the project’s audio folder which Cubase asks you to define before you actually create the project. Unless you define a different recording folder per track, or have set the project assistant to auto select the project folder. If you lose audio from the pool, you probably moved / renamed the folder or files outside Cubase, which might be a result of your missing knowledge about Cubase’s file handling.

Its probly because this particular session has been going for a year. Ill try an start a new session and copy and paste the projects see if that works. Many thanks.

Do a backup project, this will create a new project folder with everything in it for you.

In the Pool, use Archive to transfer any audio files in which may be on other drives/folders.