Audio Recording problems

After Update from Cubase 10 Pro to Cubase 10.5 Pro the following happens: (Example project: 6 Instrument Tracks and one Audio Track).
When I start recording from my microphone, simultaneousely the Indtrument tracka are loaded on to my Audio Track and store in the Project Audio Folder( Wav ) . . . hmmmmmm !
The sound from my microphone is recorded, but it drowns in the sound from my Instrument Tracks.
Outside Cubase everything is OK. All drivers are updated. I have even Re-innstalled Winndows 10.
i have been struggling with this for a Week. . . . . .Need Help !!! . . . . (The same also happens in the old Cubase 10)

Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
Steinberg UR22mkII
Ram 16Gb
1515682 - 6C094B