Audio recording way before notes are played

Does anybody had this issue when recording hardware instruments trough it’s analog outputs.
To be more specific i have it with the Virus TI Snow when recording trough it’s analog outputs?
This is driving me crazy all other synths are nearly same latency but this is recording a way too early before the others and the midi notes are drawn on the same exact bar.

Any suggestions?

I am using OSX 10.10 with RME Fireface sound card with buffer on 512

Thanks in advance and i hope to fix this


What is the length? It looks huge, but it depends on the Zoom level, which seems to be pretty high.

This is affected by the Buffer Size (of course) and the jitter (MIDI).

note length is 1/8 here is another image of it

What tempo? Can you measure the length of the offset by ms, please?

Martin length in milliseconds measured was around 35-36 milliseconds upfront but i am confused because all other synths like you can see in the picture are nearly same latency (later then the note is played for the amount of 5-7 milliseconds) while this one is upfront (before the note is played) around 35-36 milliseconds which confuses me totally

Can you clarify…the other synths are also hardware? And connected via the same interface, recorded on the same run.

Are they loaded as Cubase External Instruments or just plugged and recorded?

Yes they are recorded trough the same interface and they are all hardware like the track names in the images:

Novation Ultranova (Getting midi notes trough it’s usb, recorded in the old way with one midi track and one audio track for monitoring where it’s also recorded) 7.50 milliseconds latency

Roland JP8080 (Getting midi notes trough it’s midi input, added as external instrument sent to record group then recorded on separate audio track) 5.0 milliseconds latency

Roland System-1m (Getting midi notes trough usb, Analog output to Virus Ti Snow input separate audio track for monitoring and recorded into the same track) 9.80 milliseconds latency

Nord Modular G2 (Getting midi notes trough midi input, added as external instrument sent to record group then recorded on a separate audio track) 2.47 milliseconds latency

Novation Supernova (Getting midi notes trough midi input, recorded in the old way with one midi track and audio track for monitoring where is also recorded) 8.0 milliseconds latency

Virus TI Snow (Getting notes trough usb, output set to it’s analog 1-2 outs and recorded on a new audio track where it’s also monitored) 36 milliseonds earlier then the midi notes

Sound card buffer 512
Sound Card model RME FIREFACE400

This was as much detailed as i could explain.

Googled that for you :wink:

EDIT: From the setup guide

Direct monitoring can be enabled by clicking on the “D” button in the part bar on the
left in Virus Control. This mode switches any part to the analogue outputs and
ensures that the sound travels directly from the sound engine to those, bypassing
the sequencer. This mode undoubtedly results in the smallest possible latency and
feels the most snappy while recording a performance, but there is a mayor
disadvantage to it: every note coming from the sequencer on this part will be played
back too early by roughly 1/16 note (@120 bpm). Especially when you overdub, it is
not advisable to use direct monitoring.

Was reading this and trying to make a fix but yeah looks like this synth has a huge problem with latency that is never static always different i tried with the ‘‘D’’ button it’s quite closer not so far before but then i tried to adjust the midi track delay in milliseconds then after few recordings again is not the same so the only working solution is to record the audio trough it’s USB output not the analog one which means i need to use the Virus TI soundcard instead of the RME convertors.

Not owning the thing I couldn’t really understand exactly what was being said but wasn’t there some suggestion that if you don’t use virus control plugin and treat it like a normal external synth the analogue outs will be in sync?

Yes i tried that when you disconnect USB cable and use the MIDI input from the synth it’s acting like all the other synths would act but as long as you put USB cable inside MIDI input get’s off but without the USB plugged in you can’t use the Virus Control plugin where you can edit the sounds.

So i guess the only solution to record trough it’s analog outputs will be to not use the plugin at all but then it will be a pain to go from one menu to another to edit the patches.