Audio recordings play back out-of time

One thing I have noticed with Cubasis recently (post-update) is that when I listen to playback of a guitar Audio track I have just recorded (e.g. using Amplitube thru Audiobus in the Input slot and iRig for the guitar but also using Jamup and even with a different audio input device e,g, Behringer UCA222) the recording plays out of time with the other tracks - and I mean really out of time, faster, not just me not keeping in time!

Maybe it is because I already have 8 or 9 tracks of midi and some audio recorded and it is a CPU issue but it is very frustrating and the CPU meter still looks OK!

Anyone else had this issue?

I am avoiding audio at the moment but have not had this issue yet…

Hi Alter_Ego_UK,

What iPad generation are you using?
This problem can occurr if the CPU power is being driven to the max or the audio data can’t be streamed fast enough from the disk.
The CPU meter in Cubasis 1.3 shows only the workload of Cubasis. In v.1.4 it will show the workload of the whole system for better metering.
You can try reducing the polyphony in the setup window to reduce the CPU workload.