Audio - Remove fades not working ?

Can anybody advise as to what may be the issue, or what I am doing wrong ?

I select the event that includes a fadeout effect which I wish to remove.


When I use the Audio - Remove Fades option in the drop down menu, nothing changes ?

When I look again at the Remove Fades option in the drop down menu, it is greyed out ?

Any ideas would be welcome and save me a re-recording task.


The Audio > Remove Fades does remove the Fade In/Out/Crossfade made by the controllers on the Audio Event (the one, you can see in the Info Line), not the Direct Offline Process Fade In/Out.

Sorry if I’m a bit dim, but I do not comprehend what you are describing.

I created an audio track.

I then created a split of the last 4 bars and used Audio / Processes / Fade Out to apply a fade to that event.

Are you saying that such a fade can not be removed ?

What do you mean by “The Info Line”

Just asking.


This type of Fade Out can be removed by using Direct Offline Process window. Open the window, select the Audio event and remove the process on the left side of the Direct Offline Process window, please.

Thanks for that Martin.

I am now somewhat wiser than I was previously.

This is a steep learning curve for me, as I had been, very happily, using Cubasis VST4 since the late 1990s, but with the demise of my old XP running PC, I have been forced to invest in Cubase Elements 10.5.

There are not many similarities between the two programmes, and at times I am a little lost !

Thanks again.