Audio Restoration SpetraLayer vs WaveLab Pro 7 and WaveLab Elements


I have already WaveLab 7. I was wondering how do Audio Restoration capabilities of

Q1) SpetraLayer and WaveLab 7 compare?
Q2) SpetraLayer and WaveLab Elements 10 compare?

First, I thought I should post this in SpectraLayer or W7. But then thought, there might be people out here who have experience with these software.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Maybe SPL Pro would be a good choice if you’re dealing with difficult ‘spot’ repairs. For digital clicks/pops and general noise reduction duties, across an entire file, then WL’s tools work very well I’ve found. (SPL Pro is NOT so good/suited - workflow wise - at those types of full-length processing tasks).

Also, there’s a demo of SPL Pro you could try… :wink:

HTH for now.