audio routed to group fx's playing when groups muted

Their is a big big big problem in Nuendo. When you have audio routed to a group track and the audio channels using fx send inserts all set to post when you mute the group channel you are still hearing the the fx routed to the sends. but when you mute them from the audio channel its self you don’t hear it. That’s a major major problem when mixing music. Especially reggae music like I do which is lots of drop outs. Is there a fix for this???. Please please let me know…

Do you have “Group Channels Mute Sources As Well” selected in preferences?

PS: You probably shouldn’t call it a “send insert” because those are two different things, and also not call the sound coming from an effect an “artifact” because “artifacts” might imply something you didn’t want to happen at all in any circumstance (i.e. an error in processing a sound, like the “chirping” sound in a low-res mp3).

That is already checked. Anymore suggestions? It’s aggravating. I have a big engineer from Jamaica here and we can’t mix properly because when we do drops outs after grouping drums or bass or piano bubble skank. to group channels and press mute you still hear the effects playing and everything is set to post. Any help would be appreciated.

No suggestions. It works fine for me on 6.0.7. It sounds as if you’re either missing something (like actually using pre-fader sends instead of post-fader sends: Perhaps double check that…) or that your installation is broken.

If you can’t get it to work the only workaround is I guess to link the fx channel with the group channel and mute both simultaneously.