Audio routing CB3

Is there a way to have sends pre fader ?
Current path seems to be:
Audio → pre inserts → fader → post inserts → sends
I would like the sends either pre fader or at least pre post inserts.

Possible ?

Hi @mkline,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, only the inserts effects come with a pre/post fader option.
Here simply tap and drag the blue separator line up or down accordingly.

Hope that helps!



Thanks, I should survive :sweat_smile:

But what is badly missing is the ability to rename MIDI fx, or at least use the short name supplied by the plug-in. 5+ fx on a track having all the same name is … :exploding_head:

Audio and midi fx rack presets would be really nice.

Ok, enough FR for this year

Hi @mkline,

Cubasis lists the 3rd party app names.


Right, but I’m speaking about the midi fx rack.
Some apps (aum, drambo,…) let the user change the fx name, very helpful.
I know I can use the notepad, but …