Audio routing issues in D4


I’m having some headache with audio routing in D4.

I’m using VSL’s VEP7 as a host for the Synchron Player.

When deactivating all the room mics and the algorithmic reverbs in Synchron Player, and deleting the reverb from the Dorico mixer, I continue to hear a reverb.

I think, by the sound quality, that it is a reverb from Steinberg. I even tried to replace the reverb in Synchron Player (still leaving it turned off or bypassed), and the halo remains the same. I did the same with REVerence, and there was no change in the halo.

The same preset can sound very dry in the standalone Synchron Player.

Another issue: the Dorico Mixer shows the Oboe parts as Flutes. The parts are newly created Players, with music inserted manually.

The project had been first assigned NotePerformer as the sound generator, and then applied my Synchron playback template.

Any hint of what is going on?


I’ve tried with a new project (created starting from the default Modern Orchestra template), and there are the same issues: wrong names of the mixer channels, and a ghost reverb


It seems to be something happening when VEP is in the path with Dorico. A Synchron Player directly inserted in Dorico doesn’t have this issue. If run in VEP, the ghost reverb is there.

The same Synchron instrument in VEP, but connected to Logic Pro (as an AU plugin), doesn’t exhibit the same issue.


Just did a little test with Dorico and VEP with all reverb off and didn’t notice a ghost reverb. Waveforms are pretty close whether hosted in VEP or Dorico. I assume you are getting very different waveforms when exported?

VSL Bosendorfer 280VC hosted in Dorico

VSL Bosendorfer 280VC hosted in VEP

The waveforms are different. But it is also easy to hear the added reverb to the problematic version.

If it is working on your side, it is probably not something ‘systemic’. It is also to be said that you are using Synchron Piano, and not Synchron Player, so maybe it’s something regarding this player and not the other one.

But the wrong name of the mixer channels makes me thing that there is something going bad right at the output of the tracks.

Version with the ghost reverb (Dorico+VEP):

Version without reverb (Logic Pro+VEP):


I’ve seen D adding “cautionary” reverb…
Try to activate the FX sends and turn the send level all the way down…

Thank you for the hint! I’ve tried, with no success.

But I see what may have been caused this issue: my Synchron playback template was made with Dorico 3.5, and never re-edited and re-saved in D4. Let’s see if I just need to save everything in the new format.


Just tried it with the VSL SYzd Chamber Strings. I don’t hear/see any difference in reverb, but the levels in the VEP version are a bit higher for some reason. No compression added in either version. Levels in Dorico mixer and Synchron Player are default in all. (I turned off the reverb and cranked the slider down for it in both too, just in case.) I’m not sure why there is a difference in levels between the two here, but I’m not getting the phantom reverb anyway.

Hosted in D4

Hosted in VEP

Solved! I did some maquillage to the old playback template, resaved it from D4.01, and it works! I didn’t even have to reapply it to the existing score, as if the referring data were readjusted.

Only problem remaining: the track name in Dorico’s mixer is still wrong. The Oboe 1 player is sent to the Flute 1 mixer channel. From there, however, it is sent to the correct sound in VEP.

@FredGUnn , I don’t know if your problem with the non-matching level is related with what I experienced. A ‘ghost’ compressor somewhere?


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I obviously had the default compressor off, but maybe Dorico is applying some kind of auto-compression in the D4 version to avoid the peaking that occurs right at the start of the VEP version? Not a big deal, and easily correctable, I was just a bit surprised to find the levels weren’t basically identical.

Another hypothesis: the bypass control is not extended to the makup gain in the compressor? Or, is there some hidden FX slot volume control?


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