Audio routing problem in C7

This is bizarre ive never come across this before :
On the RME fireface 400 if im using my hardware synths on input 1+2 as stereo input all the meters are as expected apart from the master buss and control room meters . Non of them are showing a signal but the faders still work ? Once recorded the meters work as expected . Am I loosing the plot here , is this how it should be ?
This is happening with the control room active and non active but if I set a synth up as an external instrument then the meters read as normal . Im doing something wrong somewhere but for the life of me I can figure out this routing on the fireface :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated

Sounds like you’re monitoring both the hardware and DAW signal. You need to set it up to just output through DAW.

Nope it’s all setup through direct monitoring and the faders do work correctly but there are no signals showing up in all of the control room and the master buss unless you connect the instrument as an external , it’s a bit weird but im not going to loose any sleep over it :wink: