Audio Routing Question

Haven’t been here for a looong time, but could use some help from the community.

I recently purchased the ARC2 system for room correction. It is working very well, but audio routing has become an issue and I’m sure there is a way to fix it, I’m just not sure how.

ARC2 runs as a plug-in and is placed on the master bus. This is great for listening while mixing, but bad when exporting audio. So, I need my audio out with the ARC2 going to my monitors and then when I export I need the audio out printing without ARC2 active. I know I will forget to bypass ARC2 at times when exporting, so I would rather setup audio routing to accommodate my requirement as part of a template that I use all the time. It seems to me that when exporting the MASTER channel is always used. Is this correct? If so, do I simply set up a channel that routes to my Focusrite Clarette for monitoring? Can that be done? I’m a bit confused, so any help would be appreciated.


Hi Kevin,

Use the control room and put the plug-ins arc2 in the insert section!!!

Ok, thanks MaxRod. I’ll give it a shot!

Just to add to what MaxRod said, because the Control Room can be confusing to many: The easiest way to set up what you need to do is, as Max said, use the control room - set up a control room stereo output, and route it to the main outs on your Clarett. Then, in the outputs tab of vst connections (where you would normally have routed your main outs) leave them as “not connected”. Then open the control room mixer and insert the ARC plugin.

This will let you monitor through the plugin, but export without it.