Audio runs behind playback head

Does anyone know why my audio in Dorico runs quite a bit behind the playback head curser? It gets farther behind the longer it runs, and playback ends before the audio is finished. I’m on a Macbook running Sierra 10.12.6 with an Apogee Duet audio interface.

Also wondering why “Select All” doesn’t work in piano roll mode. It seems to be the only key command that doesn’t work across all modes.

Thanks, Jeff

Regarding the playback not running in sync with the green line, that’s most likely because Dorico and the audio engine disagree over the current sample. This may happen if other applications outside of Dorico change the sample rate. To rectify this, go to Edit > Device Setup; in that dialog change the sample rate to another value and then back to what it was before. That shall bring Dorico and the audio engine back in sync.

Thanks Ulf. It appears I had another application running in the background. Jeff