Audio samples not playing back correctly in Sample Track or Groove Agent

Problem with Mediabay AND original Audio imported into tracks. See attached audio example and screenshot. A handclap samples with nice stereo reverb gets “dumbed down” into a more basic sounding sample when adding to either Sample Track or Groove Agent (to play the sample). In audio example, the original sample and then the sample triggered from Sample Track play alternately, you should hear the sound difference. Nothing to do with sample length or bitrate, the sample when added as audio track plays fine. Both track and sample track are direct to Stereo Out, no bus / processing. Any ideas?

It may be that because of the chord track you have set up, the sampler is transposing the note it’s playing back to be in key with your chord track; As if you pressed a higher note on the sampler playback keyboard (pitching up the playback speed a bit in the process, but not actually changing the pitch due to the time stretch/pitch shift algorithm you have selected). Turning off musical mode for the sampler track should fix it I think.

Either that, or it’s because you have the tempo set to 20bpm in the sampler maybe? Or it could be trying to transpose it because of the root key in the sampler not matching the sample it’s self and cubase wanting to transpose it as a result.

It’s something to do with either pitch shift or time stretching though for sure,that much is audibly evident.