Audio sends don't work


I use sends in the audio track to feed an output. It used to work, but now it doesn’t. The output channel itself is fine. Audios fed to it from different sources all sound fine. Seemingly it is just the send function that doesn’t work.

Any way to solve this or is there anything I can double-check?


Can you send to a Group Channel?

It doesn’t work either.

I checked a previous project, where it works. The settings really seem the same.


Checked in 2.0.13 in my project, all works as expected can’t reproduce, i have 4 sends for each global stack, each send go to a phisical output, it works as usual.

Regards, Ciro.

Thanks for the reply. I closed the software and reopened it, and then it worked. With VST 2, there are still many cases where you have to reboot to solve problems.

… I guess it’s not working for specific songs, right? Maybe a missing routing. Do you think it is possible to give us access to project? With a little description which song has the lost routing? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function and save it to an empty folder. Zip that and send me a PM message.

Thank you,

That would not be good, fortunately we don’t see that otherwise. Can you provide examples? What’s your system? Maybe plugins causing this?