Audio sends sometimes vanish when restoring mix snapshot

Hi, anyone else having problems with mix snapshots messing up audio channel sends?

My project contains 4 mono audio channels, each with a send to FX track.
I created a few mix snapshots with very little variation: just pan and fader changes.
Now each time I restore a mix snapshot, the audio sends vanish on all audio tracks. The snapshots were taken with the sends present.
This seems to have started being a problem after upgrading to 10.5. The project was originally written in 10.0 but has been saved many times with 10.5

Even though the sends disappear from the UI and the audio signal path stops, the “Bypass/active” icon at the top of the send group in the inspector is still blue and can be clicked to bypass, even though there are no sends visible.
If I click on the slot where the missing send was and add it back, it appears with the correct parameters for the missing send (e.g. right send level). Whereas if I chose a different slot it’ll appear with the default of 0dB.

The problem happens regardless of number of sends, and pre/post settings.

Also strange is that if I load another project but don’t activate it, then go back to the original project and restore the snapshot, the sends don’t disappear and everything works as expected. This workaround isn’t 100% reliable but usually works, especially after a clean boot.

Prior to snapshot restore:
After restore:
Cubase Pro 10.5.0 build 68. PC, Win8.1. EIE Pro.



Can you reproduce it with any project?

If you move your Mose over the Send slot, or if you click to the Inspector to get focus there, does the Send appear (isn’t it just redraw issue)?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply. I did some more experimentation and yes, I can easily reproduce the problem.

  • Start Cubase. Create Empty… for a new project
  • Create an audio track
  • Create an FX track. Close the deafult FX.
  • go back to the audio track, add a send (I used slot 2). Set a medium level and activate.
  • open mix console (F3), create a snapshot. Name it.
  • (restore the snapshot at this point works)
  • Save project and close cubase.
  • Run cubase. open the project.
  • Click the right arrow to restore the snapshot
  • the send vanishes.

If I do the same with 10.0.50, the problem doesn’t occur.
If I open the 10.0.50 project in 10.5.0 and restore the snapshot, then send vanishes.
So I guess it’s a bug in 10.5.0, perhaps related to the way the snapshots are loaded, given that the problem seems to appear after load in 10.5.0, but not for the same project in 10.0.50.

I don’t think it’s a painting issue because hovering over the slot makes the “2 - Post v” control appear/disappear but the send doesn’t appear. Also, the actual audio path has stopped working. The lack of audio was what alerted me to the problem in the first place.

I also, manually removed the send and created a snapshot of this configuration.
When I restore my original snapshot that should have the send, the “send bypass” button lights up blue but the send itself doesn’t appear.
When I restore my new snapshot without the send, the “send bypass” button turns grey.
So it looks like the snapshot knows there should be a send present, but it isn’t getting created properly.


Hi Simon,

Thank you very much. I can reproduce it.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-27323.

Is there any update on this? I am struggling with the same problem.


Unfortunately not at this moment.