Audio Settings bug

There is an irritating bug in the “Control Room” tab of the Audio Settings! If I accidentally launch CB with the audio interface turned off, close CB and relaunch CB (with the interface turned on), all settings are set to “Not Connected”. What’s worse, the presets are also set to “Not Connected”! I have to manually reprogram all settings and re-save the presets.

This does not happen in the “Inputs” tab. I can understand why the settings are changed, but why are the presets changed? Doen’t that defeat the whole piont if having presets?

This is a big time-waster. Steinberg should look into this!


Inputs and Outputs tabs are handled a bit different way, they are part of the projects. But Control Room is the system settings.

But what both of them share is the logic: If you change the Audio Device, the Audio Connections tries to assign any Device Port. Every Device port has its own ID, so it tries to assign the same ID from the other Audio Device (what doesn’t necessarily mean the very same input/output). Control has higher priority over to Inputs and Outputs. So it tries to connect first the Control Room, once the Control Room is connected and some busses remain, they are connected to the Inputs and Outputs.

OK, enough theory… The presets should assign the correct Device Ports, once you reload the preset after the Audio Device has been connected. You even don’t have to close and relaunch Cubase. It should be enough just to plug the Audio Device in and select it in the Studio Setup as the ASIO Driver.

But it isn’t! That’s the bug. All the presets are “reprogrammed”. All I can do is manually re-program them and re-save them. This is not how presets should work!