Audio signal chain display (feature idea)


I stumbled over a question in another forum that led to the following idea:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a function that visually displays the whole signal-flow of an audio signal from its original source to its original end (in the main output and/or the control room) - maybe with selectable “from” and “to” points.
The signal flow could be displayed including all inserts, etc.

What do you think about such a feature?
Or does it exisit? (inlcuding signal flow throug the control room and all its inserts?)

Cheers, Ernst

If i understood what you mean then this already exist. If you press on the ‘e’ button on the channel it opens a new window and in this window are all groups and fx channels routed from this channel until the master out. If it is not in your case then you have to hit a button with an arrow showing to the right.

Hi pliktro, thank you for the hint - does the existing feature also show the signal flow through the control room including the inserts that we can use there?

No the control room is not included, Only shows the group’s before the master.

Would be a cool feature to have a diagram of signal flow for a selected channel or channels, including sends.
If nothing else it could be used to show others how a particular routing was set up, parallel compression etc…
Or printing out a 200 track signal flow chart, to use as wallpaper :slight_smile: