audio signal / FX level


i have a query how much of the signal from the audio channel should be routed to the FX channel via the send.

  1. should the signal from the audio channel be set always to 0.00 the default value under the send.

  2. and should we manage the level of the effect applied to audio signal thru its fader in the FX channel.

is this the way to do it?

Aloha r,
and great question.

I would say diff strokes for diff folks in different situations.

but personally ;
I do what you posted and only change that appraoch if:

1- it ain’t woikin for me. (the way it sounds)
2-if I am going for something really really different (special effect etc).

My advice is: there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules. (0.00 is a good starting point)
Just make it sound good to your ears first.

As other users chime in on this thread, you will most likely read several different POVs.
All valid.

Good Luck!

So yeah, there are a million things you can do with a send and FX return. But, I’m guessing you’re looking to do the most common type of use: sending tracks to a reverb, delay, or modulation FX.

Looks like you’re OK with setting up the FX send and returns. I’ll skip that.

  1. FX Level In your FX Channel’s plugin:
    You want the FX to be 100% “wet”–no dry signal

  2. Send level:
    With the track playing, start sending to the FX. Stop when it’s wet enough. This is usually far below 0dB.

  3. Audio Channel Fader:
    Track Sends default to being sent “post-fader.” So as you change your track’s gain with its fader, the amount being sent to the FX Channel decreases accordingly, without having to change the actual Send level. This way, you can make any gain changes, but the track will keep the same level of “wetness”. Super-handy!

This is the most common way sends are used for FX. Perhaps one of the best reasons to do it this way is that a quick glance at the mixer will show you how wet each track is: wetter tracks will be sending more to the FX. Your track sends will show you visually how wet tracks are.

There is, of course, no right way! For instance, you could set all your sends to 0dB, and turn down the output of your FX return–but you wouldn’t be able to see how wet tracks are. No rules, only preferences. [emoji5]