Audio slowed down

Just upgraded to Cubasis 3, and already not working. :frowning: imported a stereo backing track for recording vocals, and plays slower and lower in pitch than it was recorded at by about a whole step. Reinstalled Cubasis 2, imported the same backing track, and it plays back at the correct speed and pitch. And yes, I made sure I set the tempo to the correct setting before importing into Cubasis 3. It’s as if C3 insists on playing the track at the default 120 bpm instead of the correct bpm of 156. Why is this happening?? Any input appreciated! :+1:

I’ve had issues like this, and found dragging the length of the clip (small square in the bottom right hand corner) can fix all sorts of playback issues (of which there are plenty from my experience) Also, you could try time stretching it, before time stretching back to its correct length/tempo?

I hope you find a solution, do let me know how you get on (it would seem I’m the only person on this forum that comments….I’ve been waiting four days for a reply/help to my post!

Thanks Simon! Right, I did consider stretching the waveform as a way to correct, but of course I just don’t get why C3 is pulling this stunt while C2 doesn’t….some upgrade :roll_eyes:if I could get a refund I would!

Hahha, you and me both! I used to have a few bugs here and there with cb2, but, in general, it was pretty darn stable - so disappointed that cb3 feels like a downgrade. . Not getting replies and support definitely adds to that bitter taste!

When I mentioned time stretching, I meant to just time stretch briefly before seeing it back to 100% same for adjusting the length… this in the past has reset a lot of audio issues I’ve come across.

Hi @baberufus,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Please provide us with the steps or a a short clip, that allows us to reproduce the problem.