Audio sounds poor in Musical Mode.

Can anyone help me out with the following problem by explaining what I must be doing wrong with Cubase 8 Elements?

Audio files play back very badly when I set them to Musical Mode in the Pool window.

As an example - I have a song which I wrote and recorded, and all is fine. It’s a mixture of sequenced stuff (VST instruments and MIDI) and audio (some backing vocals and a recorded bassline). We want to do a very slightly faster version of the song live, so I’ve opened up the proect and checked the audio pool. All the required audio files are set to the proect tempo of 100bpm (which is the original tempo of the project). As soon as I select Musical Mode, so that I can change the tempo, the audio files sound horrid - glitchy and clicky and rattly, even before I’ve changed the tempo of the song.

Am I doing something wrong? Presumably I must be doing something wrong - I can’t imagine a fine piece of software like Cubase having such an incredibly useful function and then rendering it completely useless with a fundamental bug… :wink:

What algorithm have you choosen in the pool, if the elements version has that ability?

Yes! Got it! Thanks!

I’d not paid any attention whatsoever to the algorithm option - everything was set to “Mix” as a default. I changed the algorithms on all of the files being used to something more appropriate (“Vocal” for vocals, for example) and it all works perfectly.

One thing to note - if you use Melodyne, and make any changes to the project after you’ve corrected any notes, the audio will be played back as if you’d changed nothing, so start points and tempo will not be changed. The only way (I’ve worked out, at least, doubtless there are others) to resolve that is to export the pitch-corrected track with all inserts EXCEPT Melodyne disabled to a new track with all those original inserts but no Melodyne. A bit of a pain in the neck, but an unfortunate side-effect of the way Melodyne works…