Audio> statistics question

I trying to find a way to compare two channels one with compressor and eq and the other without. Sometimes I percieve the channel with compression better just because tha makeup gain is louder than the channel without compression. I want to almost exactly have the right amount of gain. Which parameter should I look in the statistics? I know that the percieved loudness (-db) is a good thing. But in this experriment i want the peaks to be almost exactly desame db.

You could try looking at the peak reduction meter of the compressor and increase the compressors output by the same amount. Switch off and auto leveling if it has it?

Or probably the best way would be to just A/B untill you think they sound the same level!

I would personally do a blind a/b test to see which is better to my ears. A blind test is where you compare them but you don’t know which is which. I do it a few times just to make sure I get the same decision - if I don’t then I consider the difference if any is not worth worrying about.

You could set up a blind test by muting all other channels except one of them, then soloing the other. In this way you can close your eyes and continually press the mouse button, and therefore the solo button, until you’ve forgotten which way round it is, then start listening press a few more times and make your choice - open your eyes to see which you’ve chosen. I do this sort of thing all the time. There are also dedicated plugins for A/Bing I believe, but really wish there was some sort of easy facility for this built in.