audio statistics seem to be wrong

The audio statistics values for min and max sample values seem to be wrong unless I am misunderstanding, below is one I just did and you can see the max and min sample values for both channels is the same at -0.28, surely the min should be different to the max?

Title;Statistics - "
Date;Tuesday, June 09, 2015
Loudness_Value;-10.66 LUFS
Loudness_Range;6.48 LU
Max_True_Peak_Level;-0.26 dBTP
Max_Momentary_Loudness;-6.79 LUFS
Max_Short_Term_Loudness;-7.87 LUFS
Sample Rate;44.100 kHz
Average RMS (AES-17) Left;-50.30 dB
Average RMS (AES-17) Right;-50.02 dB
Max. RMS Left;-8.06 dB
Max. RMS Right;-6.78 dB
Max. RMS;-6.78 dB
Min. Sample Value Left;-0.28 dB
Min. Sample Value Right;-0.28 dB
Max. Sample Value Left;-0.28 dB
Max. Sample Value Right;-0.28 dB
Peak Amplitude Left;-0.28 dB
Peak Amplitude Right;-0.28 dB
True Peak Left;-0.26 dB
True Peak Right;-0.26 dB
DC Offset Left;-oo dB
DC Offset Right;-oo dB
Resolution Left;24 Bit
Resolution Right;24 Bit
Estimated Pitch Left;1034.7Hz/C5
Estimated Pitch Right;1034.7Hz/C5