Audio->Statistics - True Peak Reading

Hello everyone

I’m having a client that wants me to master a voice over recording at -17.7 LUFS and -0.3dbTP

I put a L1 Ultramaximizer on the master with output ceiling of -0.3 and I adjusted the threshold until I got -17.7 LUFS. So far so good

But now when I try to measure the True Peak level I get confusing results from different sources

Youlean shows -0.3
RX shows +1.14
Cubase Audio->Statistics shows +1.02

Tried different limiters but the results are always the same and always inconsistent.

What am I doing wrong and how do I correct it in order to get the proper True Peak value desired by the client?

Thank you very much!

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Silly question, but did you render the audio through the limiter before you ran audio → statistics?

Assuming you did, then something somewhere is adjusting the gain after the limiter.

Is the limiter post fader? It should be.

Do you have any plugins after the limiter?

I did run statistics after I rendered, yes

The Limiter is post-fader, last on the chain, nothing after it.

I should mention that the project is 48kHz, 24 bit and the Limiter is working on stereo mode since it’s on the stereo out channel, while I export to 44,1kHz, 16 bit, mono because that’s what the client requires

I don’t know if that’s of any significance

I could be wrong but I think that you can get different values on export if you sample rate convert. “can”…

I would try importing the 44.1kHz file, running a brickwall on it, then re-measuring it. Also, unless the client is silly you could simply aim lower than -0.3dBFS peak. I mean, it’s not like anyone is going to hear the difference between that and -1.5dBFS true peak.

I’ve never rendered in mono, but I guess it’s plausible it could change the peak. Try rendering in stereo to see if that’s it.

Oh, duh… I missed that.

Yes, limit on the channel configuration you’re delivering and probably in that sample rate too.

So I exported the VO raw and mastered it in Ozone Standalone. However Ozone Standalone doesn’t allow you to export in mono… So I exported it in stereo. LUFS was good(-17.8), True Peak was good(-0.3).
Then I put it back in Cubase and exported it in mono. LUFS was the same, but True Peak was 1db louder(+0.3) all of a sudden…

Any ideas?

It’s because of the conversion to mono. I think you’re going to need to limit it in mono to start with.

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So yeah the solution was to create a Mono Out track in Cubase and do the mastering there. After the export to mono everything was ok.

Thank you all for the help! :slight_smile: