Audio statistics - warning triangle

Hi, I was looking for a way to identify possible signal peak issues in my cubase project and came across the audio statistics menu option. I tried this on what may have been a hot recorded track and got an orange warning triangles by 2 items - the intergrated loudness (-21.8 LUFS) and Max True Peak (loudness) Level (-.72 dbTP). I can’t find anything in the Cubase user guide to explain the warnings. Could someone advise please. Many thanks
I use Cubase 12.

Good question. I’m guessing it’s giving you a warning when you’re above EBU R128 limits. No idea if we can set them manually.

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Yep, the recommendations for EBU R128 are -23LUFS for integrated loudness and -1dBTP for true peak, so that is most likely why the dialog shows the little warnings.
If you’re recording audio, I would ignore those values and just make sure that the signal peaks doesn’t exceed 0dBFs. To be on the safe side, a good rule of thumb is that the max peak amplitude is roughly around -10dBFS.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply Mattias and Fese