Audio Statistics

In project setup I have my bit resolution set to 32 bit float. When I go to Audio/Statistic on a vocal tract, it show that I’m recording in 24 bit. Is there a reason for this or is my system having a problem? Buck

It may be due to the interface you are using. I don’t know the specs of the MR816x. 32 Bit float is for internal processing. My "Default"project setup is 48K sample rate, 32 bit float. Files within the project will be from 16 bit or better.

What do the Audio Statistics say for you file’s

  1. Sample Rate
  2. Resolution

All my projects are set up for 32 bit float and a sample rate of 44.100. The sample rate on my Steinberg MR816x is 44.1. I think you may be right, it’s possible that its my interface. The DA converter is 24 bit. When I record vocals with my project set up at 32 bit float, vocals record in 24 bit. I have a motif 8 that’s on the old side. When I record audio the left track records at 32bit float and the right track 24 bit. If I record a midi mart using HALion Sonic 3 and render in place in stereo both tracks are 32 bit float. Interesting. Thanks for the suggestions.

What does the audio pool look like, are the files listed as 32bit ?