Audio stop/start when tempo changing

Hi All

Got a project with only 5 audio tracks set in Musical mode.
When changing the tempo with the pencil in the tempo track while playback, each time I click and change the tempo with the pencil, the audio output stop and continue ?

My configuration:
Windows 10
16Gb ram
Sound card SSL MX4

Any idea ?

Well, stretching audio while running is obviously really tough job - dynamically like that.
Every tempo change means heavy duty recalculations - read ahead buffers are busy, Iguess.

Software like Reason is built for this kind of work from start - I think all applications implementing this later in development have issues with that.

However in that video Greg ONDO is demonstrating it is possible.
I would like to know hwo it is possible and what is needed for.

Could it depend on interface and settings you use.
And latency set after as strong machine you’ve got - you have a strong enough machine . but how low latency is set?
Normal mixing and playback may work without crackles and pops - but that extra realtime may tip over the edge to need to stutter a bit.

What I would try - turn off ASIO Guard in Cubase - which prerender some as audio is played back.
This kind of buffering may cause stutter of some sort if to do things i realtime and then prerender some.
Just test if it makes a difference.

My cconfiguration is:

  • Windows 10 PRO
  • 16Gb ram
  • All HD are SSD
  • Nvidia GT1030
  • Interface Solid State Logic MX4 + MADI alphalink AX

My latency is arround 3ms without any crackle or pop. I’ve never activated the ASIO guard. Even if I set a buffer to 2048 that gives me a latency of 25ms, I’ve the same behaviour.
Displaying the vst performance during playback, when I change the tempo I get a quick disk performance spike during which one the audio is stopped and start.

You were kind enough to tell specs on top, apart from settings.

Is tutorial running 44k and you run 96k, or?
Are you doing more dramatic tempo changes than tut?

Is this something you want to do live, or with a client looking over your shoulder?
Otherwise if it plays through once tempo track is done, I don’t really see the problem.

When I do video I do similar things, but just with midi then - to get a feel what tempo a scene is to have.
A bit scared what stretching do to audio.