Audio stops playing when tabbing or inside of VST


I’m using Cubase 7 full version together with jbridge.

Whenever I go into a plugin such as sylenth1, massive or any other synth that is bridged, and having playback in the background going, it stops audio. Aswell as when I tab out from Cubase to search files to put into the arranger window. Why is this? When I tab back again it continues to play the sound, but if I tab out it stops. I want to be able to tab out and it continueing to play.

Please help.

Also, is there ANY way to run Cubase without jbridge? the bridge is really buggy and slows down the workflow, sometimes it even bugs the insert and effects button so I have to push it 2 times to get into it, really annoying tbh…


Uncheck Release ASIO Driver in Background.

wow thanks alot! that did a huge difference! What is this for? cheers

It’s to allow you to play audio from another application while Cubase is open.