Audio stops recording - Cubase 6.5/Win 7

I’m on Win7 and Cubase 6.5. Audio stops recording at random moments on a fairly regular basis, i.e. several times a session when I’m recording tracks… There is no rhyme or reason. Seems like somehow it just decides it can’t keep recording… the waveform it draws as it records goes blank, and when I hit stop, I’m left with only part of what I just played, up to the point it stopped recording. Tonight it’s just driving me nuts as it’s happening almost every take; it’s not usually this bad.

I keep my Cubase install on a separate drive from the audio files. The program is on my D drive, while a few bits (plugins, asio) are on the solid state C drive and audio files on the E drive - where there is plenty of space, so it’s not that. Has anyone had any such experience?

Is this issue something new? List some more computer specs such as the processor and graphics you have. Win 7 32 or 64? Also, are you recording a dry audio track or recording with an active vst? If with a vst, which one(s) & 32 or 64 bit etc…

Basically, we need much more detail to assist.

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I’m having the same thing on Cubase 5/Win 7, Focusrite 18i/20 first generation, recording at 16/48k with the scarlett set at 48k as well. Was this ever resolved?
I leave the recorder capturing 8 tracks during rehearsal 1 to 2 hours, after awhile (eg half hour) the waveform on the tracks drops to blank. When I hit stop the tracks disappear, leaving some of the tracks up to a point that isn’t consistent. This wasn’t a problem in the past but just started happening recently. I thought it had to do when I changed a setting where the sample rates between the interface and program where different therefor Cubase was taxed with up-converting or down-converting. However, though it fixed it for awhile, the problem came back.
The computer isnt online, has no virus protection on (slowing it down), no auto logging out to screen saver or anything.

However… it is recording direct to the system drive (I got crackling on the other internal ssd drives), and the system isnt registered (Although I own the op system Im trying to not use up all the keys). Thing is… it worked fine for awhile, but I guess I have to try the obvious first… just checking out there if there is anything possibly making my files disappear.

Hey, I think you are unwise to install Cubase on any drive other than the main C drive. It doesn’t make sense to do this with any program, IMO. The other drives are for project storage, Cubase does not have a problem with this.

Another thing, a question or two? How small is the SSD that you can’t put Cubase on it? 250G is very typical and Cubase has plenty of room there. And then please don’t tell me you have iTunes on the SSD? A DAW and iTunes do not get along.

Yes, my OS is Win7 and I have a SSD C Drive with Cubase on it and no iTunes on my DAW (Desktop) computer, no problems like what you report. In fact, no problems at all to report.