Audio stops, sequencer freezes

so…i just got my new UR28M up and running, and initial impressions are not so good.

as long as i’m running a relatively simple session with low to moderate CPU usage, everything seems fine. however, if I load up a session that really pushes my system, it plays for 30 seconds, maybe a couple of minutes, then the audio stops and the sequencer freezes. sometimes i’m able to revive the DAW by selecting a different audio interface, sometimes i have to force quit it.

i am getting this same behavior with both Ableton Live 8.2.6 and Logic Pro 8.

the sessions that are freezing with the UR28M play back just fine with the built in output, apogee ensemble, NI audio kontrol and the built in audio card on a Virus TI. (yes, i have a few interfaces handy :mrgreen: )

the system is a MacBook Pro 2.53 Ghz Core 2 Duo running 10.5.8, 4 GB RAM, 7200 RPM HD

i’ve updated the software and the firmware to version 1.1.0

i don’t have a lot of time to deal with this so i’m probably going to return it, but man i’d love to keep it if at all possible! it’s got such a handy design…i just need it to work…