Audio stops working


When I record audio it works fine for a while but then all audio in a project gets crosses through it and no longer works. Am I doing something wrong? Can’t see anything in the manual about crosses through audio files. How can I prevent this and is there a way to recover my takes?


Is that like an ‘X’ with no waveform displayed? Is so, it sounds like the bug I’ve experienced very occasionally, same in C2 as well. Are you sure that the audio has gone? Reload Cubasis to check, chances are your audio is still there.

Hi Theo,

Crossed out audio events clearly show, that there seem to be some issues with your audio files.
Are you able to reproduce the problem, and do you have further information (see our reporting form below) for us, what leads to the issue?


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Sorry for taking a week to reply, for some reason I missed this!

It seems to occur with audio from different places. For instance, a project I did had some audio that was recorded into Cubasis with a synth plugged in to my audio interface, but it also had audio that was exported from Korg iKaossilator - all the audio went at the same time.

Is there anything I can do or try to find out what might be causing this? It’s at a point atm where I’ve spent money on this program and fx packs and stuff but I don’t want to make music because I know if I put time and effort in my work will be lost.

I also tried to contact Steinberg support but received an email saying this forum is the only source of support for the moment.



Yes that’s exactly what it looks like. I have closed and reopened the projects but it’s not made any difference sadly, it’s definitely gone :frowning:

Hi Theo 88 cheeseboard,

Normally, this issue should definitely not appear.

Do you have a repro, or a project where the issue is visible?
If so, please share this info or data with us.



I’ve just re-visited this post and seen that you replied to my suggestion (thanks) and the audio files are still missing when you reload Cubasis. Its a bit of a long shot I know but if you haven’t done it, try examining your songs cbp fiolder with the Files app. Should be Audio/Backup folders in there.

Good Luck

**** I’m having similar problems when I attempt to record audio onto an existing project or a brand new project. Also when I try to download projects I saved to iCloud, they show up with Audio tracks X’d out and unretrievable. I’ve now completely deleted CB3 and redownloaded it. Seems to be working now. I hope that’s not the only way to fix this. Most of my problems occurred after updating to iOS 14.2.
Just an FYI, otherwise I love CB3!!!

Hi all,

Please share a repro with us, to enable our engineers evaluating the problem.