Audio Stream Stops

When i load a project with heavy CPU using plugins, wavelab would play me the audio for few seconds, and the the audio stream would stop but the playback goes on without audio

i use i7, win7 64, WL7,

I would have to turn off some plugins in order to hear the audio without interruption

is there any solution for this??? other than using less plugins

What audio interface do you use? And which buffer setting? Increasing the buffer size will probably help…

I use M-Audio 1010
Increasing the Buffer size caused the following:

  • The stream stops but at a longer time, but it do stops
  • The playback would take longer to start

Makes sense, in a way. This makes the plugins suspect. Which ones do you use when experiencing the drop outs? Try switching them off (or removing them from the chain, even better) one by one to find the culprit.

when i use heavy plugins
and mostly they are

  • Ozone 5
  • Any voxengo when oversampling is used x2 x4 x8
  • Wavelab Cristal Resampler

it depends on the project, so lowering the oversampling sometime helps, sometimes i have to turn off many plugins, but i do need to have them all ON

In that case you are using your system resources to the limit and need to improve those.

Hello, even though this may sound silly, are you using a laptop with energy saving settings on power supply? Some settings may reduce the CPU clock up to -50%…

Just a try.

actually no, I am using a studio PC with win7 64bit, i7, 4G Ram, SSD Hard disk