Audio Streaming setting in WAVELAB ELEMENT 7

Hi All,

I have always have the temptation of of buying wavel until couple days ago when I decided to do just that. i just got Wavelab element 7 as I can afford. every thing installed well playing and so on. but whenever I sellect my Audio interface from the Audio device menu, I get this message saying, THE AUDIO STREAMING CONFIGURATION IS NOT PROPERLY SET.

this is what i did from there on.

Option=audio streaming =audio device= DIGIDESIGN HW 003=

from play back= DIGIDESIGN 003 chnl 1
from play back= DIGIDESIGN 003 chnl 2
and the when i press play btton i still get the same error message.

My question is, is the WAVELAB ELEMENT 7 geared towards steinberg hardware owners,
If this is not the case Can some one pleas help me to solve this problem.

thank you in advance;

There is no Steinberg hardware “preference”.
The message you get is a bit generic, it says some error cause playback not to start.
Do you have another application using the ASIO driver on your system?

Thanks for the reply.

I only run wavelab as Digicore audio allow only one instance of daw. However though, I have never used Wavelab before as every daw on my Mac work well with the Audio interface, Cubase AI 4 is installed as well as Protools and never had a similar issue. everything works well except wavelab. could the number of the ouput in digi 003 be the problem as wl element 7 allows just two track? AM hoping to buy the full version cos I love the sound from WL as in finalising the project.

there is a limit to track count in the copy of my wL that is 2 track only, and the total chanel on the audio card is 18, am hoping that this is not the cause.

Please help. Any idea is considered utmost.


Thnk you again.


Just an idea, have you tried to set your Digi as the default audio device on your Mac?

In WL6Essentials I used to run an M-Audio Solo (firewire) and never had problems.

Maybe post a picture of your WaveLab audio streaming dialog settings.


I have done the set audioware as default on the mac, only sound from WL is not working, I could get sound from the ineternet go throught to my monitor but just not WL.

I have attache couple of screen shot.

I hope that Steinberg will come up with a patch for this kind of problem.



Try this set other audio channel than 1&2 like 3&4 etc
what does it say with audio drivers in Audio Streaming settings…
Digi CoreAudio Device or !?
even check for driver update at AVID/Digidesign

regards S-EH

Hi I,

I have tried that too but not working.
think this has some thing to do with digi-hardware I will try the driver update as my only last option left.

thanks to all of you for the help it was appreciated.