Audio Stutter or Choppy or Crackling

I have CI2+ and installed the 1.8.3 driver on Vmware workstation with windows 7 and windows 8 guest os.

The playback to my CI2+ headphone is always stutter / choppy / crackling

What can I do to fix this please? I am really frustrated here.

Cubase Device Setup > VST Audio System
Open the Control Panel for your interface
Adjust the ASIO Buffer Size to a larger value .
Repeat until dropouts disappear .

Hi, thanks for the reply,
I use FL Studio and Cubase under VMWARE WORKSTATION with windows 7 and windows 8 as guest OS, and tried buffer up to 2048 and still the sound to my CI2+ headphone is stuttering crackling.

Do you have your CI2+ under vmware installed?

I guess running a virtual O/S introduces too much latency for real-time audio.