Audio suddenly goes bad adding static and noise

I have a radio show on KBJB radio, the Original Artist Spotlight. I do as many interviews in person as possible. I use two microphones on separate channel. Once everything is checked I do a text record. If that is fine, I do the interview. I tend not to use headphones because it takes away for spontaneity. About 12 minutes into the interview the audio went bad. All kinds of static and background noise. Unfortunately I did not become aware of this until the interview was over (and of course it was a great interview). I’ve had this problem before but only with guitar using Guitar Rig 5. Now its on vocal tracks as well. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It could be Cubase or my Steinberg MR816 audio interface. I use anew Mac Pro with tons of RAM. In the past, when this has happened I shut down cubase (not my interface) reopen and everything is back to normal. This is a serious problem given the nature of what I am doing. I need to be able to trust my computer, software and interface.


Could be anything really… (Maybe its the radio station across town sending interferences by bouncing the disrupting signals off the ionosphere right into ur mac) - u know trying to steal listeners n such…

Let me introduce u to a thing called troubleshooting… -> check everything step by step by process of elimination
Here are some things you can try:
Check/Change cables
Try running cubase via onboard soundcard
Try unplugging your new “nsa approved” microwave oven
Check everything with a laptop (yay for the cubase dongle that allows you to make a DAW out of any machine in the world)
Just go through the whole signal chain and check every step…

(It was a full moon too, and lemme tell u people went crazy here… - maybe it picked up the vibes)

Good luck, and do post back once you have found the culprit/solution