audio sync problem

I recently recorded a live show to Cubase 6.5 via an 8 channel mic preamp at 24/44.1.
In tandem, I recorded a separate live room stereo track using a Zoom H4 recorder at 16/44.1. My problem is, I cannot get the Zoom track to sync properly to the other 8 tracks. Around 2 min into the track I start to notice it’s falling behind. I tried converting up to 24 bits (although that shouldn’t make a difference). I also tried converting the other tracks down to 16, still the same issue. I thought they would stay in sync once I matched them up. What am I missing ?



If you use 2 different devices, you have to syna them. There are some sync protocols. Any device has own clocks. Every clock measure time differently. This is the reason of synchronization.

Now, you can just use time stretch to set the same lenght of all tracks.

So I can use time stretch to shorten down the track to match with the others then ? I hadn’t thought of that. i will try it. Thank you.