Audio syncing problem


I’ve got dozens of tracks in one song, and there’s a chance that the playback is not in sync even when the tracks are perfectly synced.

Scene 1: (Sometimes)

Play from the top and you hear a glitch in the silent bar. Then everything comes in, unsynced.

Scene 2: (Always)

The start is alright but if you jump to the middle, all the tracks become unsynced.

For your information, this problem never happens in Cubase. The buffer for the interface is set to the biggest number, and the whole computer is far from its performance peak.

Does it also happen when you stop, wait a second, then start again?
Other than that, never hat such problems, so it would be good to learn more details.

If you pause and start again, that won’t happen.

This happened again even if I paused before starting to play. The only solution is to restart the software.

How many dozens?

Now I’m working on 2 songs, one with 18 and the other with more than 50 tracks. Both songs had this problem.