Audio timing issue in Cubase 13 Artist

Help Please. When I try to record an outboard instrument (eg MicroKorg) being controlled by a MIDI track I get a timing issue. The audio actually sounds ahead of the MIDI. Can anyone suggest how I can overcome this issue.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please? If you are on Windows, what kind of MIDI Driver type do you use? Could you attach the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup window screenshot?

You can try to toggle the ASIO Latency Compensation on the MIDI track.
NB: You might have to make this button visible first. Right click the track and choose “track control settings” to set it up.

In “Studio Setp → Audio System” you can toggle the option for “Adjust for Record Latency” and/or change the value for “Record Shift”. You’d have to measure the amount of samples first, of course.

Thanks very much. Haven’t used my maths skills for a long time but you suggestion seems to have worked.

Thanks for your suggestion.