Audio to Chord Track

Having been initially underwhelmed by the new feature list, last night I decided to try the audio to Chord track function.
I chose an old, 1979 track, five minutes long to test it.
I was very impressed. Although the timing of the chord events was slightly off, it managed to decipher all the chords, revealing around 15 different key changes. I’ve been looking for a transcription of the song for while with no luck, and Cubase sussed it out in around 20 seconds.
Brilliant feature that I recommend everyone try.


I second this comment. I was very impressed by accuracy and complexity of detected chords. I had noticed the timing shift as well, but that’s easy enough to correct. Fantastic feature.


I have tried it on a couple of tracks which I downloaded from Youtube just to test it. I was very pleased with the results too.

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It’s a function I thought I would never need, but as a quick way of checking chord transcription I agree it’s good. I suspect I will use it every day!