Audio-to-MIDI-chords and export in MIDI file problem

I am using Cubase Artist 12 and I am not able to export the chords that were generated from AUDIO to a MIDI track.

Videos on YouTube suggest highlighting all the chords and then drag them to a MIDI track.

But that does not work for me.
Is this a feature only available in Cubase Pro or what am I making wrong, if it should work with Artist, too?

Can you please give more information about how it isn’t working ? What do you see on the screen exactly ?

Please only drag the top lane, not the bottom one.

Or disable this button :



Yes, that was the problem! As I selected “All events”. Now it is working.
Thx very much!!

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Great ! Although I find it quite strange that Scale Events prevent the chords from being pasted when they are caught in the selection. Since they are only informational events, they should just be ignored and it should not prevent other actions from being executed. This is definitely an issue/design flaw that needs to be fixed.

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