Audio to midi?

So basically if I sing a phrase, I can choose a instrument to play it back right? If so that’s absolutely crazy. :astonished::grinning::guitar:

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Yes !

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Of course how well this works depends on the sonic quality of the source material.

With Cubase 12 it isn’t limited to monophonic audio like singing anymore. You can now convert Audio to MIDI Chords. As a test I loaded the song Countdown ('cause it is pretty harmonically straightforward & regular) into a Project and then dragged it onto the Chord Track. Routed that to a horn section VSTi and in well under 5 minutes I’d added a fairly decent horn part to a Fleetwood Mac song.

Almost scary easy.


Wow so awesome. Thank you :guitar:

Yes great feature. I’ve used it on lead guitar to add a synth part that tracks it and adds a bit more depth.