Audio to Video footage without TimeCode...


I’m composing some Music for a friend’s Video and he has given me the footage but it doesn’t have a timecode. Now, I though I would have a go and write something to it but I am now wondering whether it’s possible to put a TimeCode onto the video footage as I would really like to sync the audio and video up and timing is a real pain! I was wondering if it’s possible to add a timecode to the video footage and once (if possible) there is a timecode, will it work with C Pro 8 or will the timecode just be an “effect” on the footage?

Thanks for any help. Video isn’t really my thing (yet)…


Get your friend to burn the timecode on the video.

He doesn’t know how! haha! But, as we who want to learn do, I am now learning how to use Premire Pro. Thanks though! :wink: