audio track data visibility inside a closed folder track

I use folder tracks for organization and simplicity.

Very often, for something like a lead vocal i will have several groups, effects and an audio channel.

When I close that folder I can’t see the information on the audio track as to where there is audio information unless I make the track much bigger. If it is just audio tracks in a folder then i can see where there is information, even with the folder track in a small lane.

I wanted to know if there is a way to see where information is on an audio track, inside a folder that has several other non audio channels, when the folder is closed and not widened.


I’m not sure, if I got you right.

Do you mean, if you close the folder with Group Channel? There is no representation of automation data, in the folder event.

Could you send screenshot, please?

Here are three shots, one with the folder open where you can see events and two when the folder is closed with two different preference settings. As you can see the events are not available to see when the folder is closed.

I see. This is because your Event Display > Folders > Show Event Details preferences is enabled. When the zoom is too small, then the data are not drawn.

Well I would like to suggest to any programmers from Steinberg who follow the forums to address this issue.

This is wanted behaviour.

Not for me.

This because of performance. And it also doesn’t make sense to draw the data too small. They are invisible then.

What i noticed is that if there are no other tracks in a folder such as group and effects tracks then you can still see the data even when the folder track is diminished in size , so it seems that it isn’t about being too small or performance oriented, but rather how many tracks are inside the folder.

Anyway, I don’t want to get in to a lengthy flame exchange but will just say that if it were up[ to me I would want a behavior change with this issue because it makes it difficult sometimes to browse around to find what I am looking for.