audio track deleted still playing sound ?

Very frustrated, edited out noise between audio sections ( range tool ,delete ) nice n clean, play back deleted parts still playing ? deleted all audio tracks from pool, bar the one I edited, still noise on deleted parts, deleted all audio files from pool and my vocal tracks. tracks, the vocal track still playing audio ? what the ???

Please include your setup so we can help you better. Perhaps you have hidden a duplicated track or something similar, check hidden tracks first I would guess

Best Regards, Dave

You probably accidentally hid a track that is still playing sound. Find the track “visibility” list and go though each entry… probably just ENABLE everything to be safe. Now cross-reference the “empty” space in your project sequence. Did you find the rogue sound?

I’m getting the same thing in 9.5.30 but with midi!?? If I try and use the mute tool instead it still plays back - but with reduced velocity. It is bizarre?!!

Sorry just realised. The chord track was triggering the sounds as it was set to ‘Use monitored track’ - false alarm! :slight_smile: