Audio Track Forgetting Input

Hi Everyone, I have an audio track with an output track as its input and then that same track input monitored. For some reason whenever I close and open the session, it looses that input.

Any ideas?


What do you mean by “track input monitored”, please?

The term in cubase is just “monitor” but it essentially means that the track is open and you are hearing all incoming signals.

So you mean the Monitor button is switched On on the Audio track, right?

So your scenario is like this:

  • Aduio 01; Input = what ever; Output = Stereo Out 2; Monitor = On/Off (doesn’t matter)
  • Audio 02; Input = Stereo Out 2; Output = Stereo Out; Monitor = On.


Save the project. Reopen. Audio 02 has no Input? Or is set to Not Connected, or…?

It works as expected here. Stereo Out 2 is selected as an Input on Audio 02.

Okay so I figured it out.

Lets say you have an audio track and you set the input of that track to one of your outputs. Hit save close and re-open. Everything will be fine.

Then let’s say you set the output of your original track to a group track or a FX track. Save close and reopen and all of a sudden you’ve lost your input on your original audio track.

Here’s the work around/bug. This only happens if…the input (which if you remember was an output) is set as “Main Mix” in the VST connections outputs window. If you are trying to record a different output that isn’t set to “Main Mix” then it works just fine.

Anyone at Steinberg wanna fix this please???

Unfortunately this did not get fixed in 9.5.10. Would help my workflow a lot if it got fixed.


Do I understand you right?

Audio Connections > Outputs

  • MainOut (set as “Main Mix”)
  • Out 2

Track | Input | output

Audio1 | In 1 | MainOut
Audio2 | MainOut | Out 2

Now, if you save the project and reopen, the Audio2 input (MainOut) is lost. Am I right? If not, could you send a screenshot of MixConsole > Routing after save, and after reopen, please? And also a screenshot of Audio Connections > Output, please?

You are close. Here are the screenshots.
VST Connections Inputs.png
Before Save and Close.png
After Save and Close.png

one more screenshot
VST Connections Outputs.png