Audio track is being transposed when bouncing?

Hi folks,

I’m having to transpose a song for a vocalist and record a guide vocal track for her to let her get familiar with the melody, phrasing and lyrics. The issue is after coming my guide track when I do an audio bounce it applies transposition. How do I bounce down but keep it in the key it was recorded in?



Make sure, there is no the Sample Rate mismatch. Most often this happens if the software is in 44.1kHz and the Audio Device 48kHz or the other way around.

all good on that front - project and audio track are at 48kHz. The audio track has a transpose icon in the top right of the clip. It’s like instead of bouncing the audio ‘as is’ it’s taking the additional step of applying the project transpose track to it. Not sure if I can disable that somehow?


Make sure, you always let Cubase to resample an Audio file, when you import it.

Thanks Martin - this wasn’t imported - it was recorded like on top of a track that had been transposed using the transpose track


What about the already existing tracks (Audio Events)? Are they resampled?

No they are just midi tracks.


So there is the transpose track involved in the project? How? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

So you bounced the track with 48 kHz sample rate?
Did you actually use “bounce selection” from the audio menu or render-in-place or the audio mixdown from the File/Export menu?